Hire an aquarium


Some items appear for rent on the website and you think to yourself “I want one of those!”. The above aquarium – the word ‘fishtank’ doesn’t really do it justice – falls into that category and for tropical fish lovers and amateur marine biologists everywhere, this stylish tank is the ultimate in fish accommodation. Find it in Aquarium hire.

For just ₤1.45 a day you can rent the aquarium, which would make a great addition to any party. People love admiring tropical fish and the elegant tank quietly bubbling away against a feature wall is bound to add glamour to your do. As decorations go, tropical fish are one of the most beautiful things imaginable. And with just a little bit of food to fuel their fins, they do something far more interesting than most decor could ever manage: they move, feed and flirt.

Aquariums are available in a variety of sizes and colours. Fish and food are included in the price.

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