The making of the erento ‘How to’ videos

Did you know erento has a new YouTube channel? This is where we have started to develop a series of Video tutorials to help you on the erento journey with us. Whether you are a customer looking to hire an item or a business hiring out products via erento we have a brief video to inform you briefly and concisely about the erento marketplace.

Malake who is erento’s Danish Intern based at our Berlin Head Office talks us through her process and the making of the first two in the series of erento ‘How to’ videos:


Tell me abit about yourself and how you came to making the video at erento?

I am studying International Communication and Multimedia at the Aarhus University in Herning, Denmark. Part of my course includes me undertaking internships at different companies. I applied to do a six month internship in online marketing at erento as it also operates internationally and has launched a platform in the UK.  I was also curious to experience Berlin, which in recent years has evolved as a buzzing creative and start-up hub. One of my projects here at erento is to find out how social media is used in a market of this kind. This includes the YouTube channel and it was a nice project for me to produce the online video tutorials.


How did you plan the video?

Firstly I researched a lot and watched examples like’ How to upload an App’ on Chrome Webstore.  I also found several ‘how to’ articles like Create Your Own Screencasts. Then I created a script for the video speaker Katharina. It’s also important to start with a plot, therefore I had an overview of what parts required zooming in and what scenes would comes next. I made several versions of the video and asked for feedback to ensure that I would have the best version. We also did several recordings and tried and tested to get the best fit for video.


The planning behind the videos

The planning behind the videos

Which program did you use? And how did you find it? What is the difference?

I found a few different programs and tested many of them. In the end we decided to work with Camtasia Studio from TechSmith, even the trial version offers more features than some others. For example you can easily zoom in and highlighting sections. The creation of the video was not too difficult  what took the most of the time was the research, writing the scripts and the overall design.


What is the idea behind the video?

Reading long ‘how to’ texts can be overwhelming so a video is a great way to convey complex information very easily. We wanted to keep the videos short and sweet, therefore, they are no longer than five minutes. We are planning more tutorials showing different areas on erento. The idea is to help our customers.


What did you like about making the ‘How to upload an item Video’?

I started with the ‘How to Upload an item’ Video. With this video I researched a lot and I got to know how erento works and especially with the customer login dashboard and upload section.  It was great to find out how much information you are able to insert when uploading an item on erento such as images, description, hire terms and prices. The more details supplied by the hire customer the better informed the user is of the products and it helps with SEO so that customers find the items they are looking for faster.

The recording of the video

The recording of the video

What did you like about making ‘How to hire Video’?

I enjoyed learning how it all works, and the videos were easy to make. I really like the pricing calculation aspect on erento in addition the ability to search locally on the product pages for hire items.


To find out more about the videos and to view them please see our erento YouTube channel:

for visitors to erento: ” How to hire an item on

for our business customers: “ How to upload an item on 

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